iventures investment Safari

iventure's Innovation Safari is an interactive field trip carefully curated to ENGAGE & DISCOVER key innovation communities, research centers, innovation labs, startups & top leaders globally.

The excursion is designed to EXPERIENCE Innovation like never before helping professionals and companies to explore, reflect on the insights and identify potential partners by immersing in a unique experience, socializing, and having fun narrated by our Innovation Sherpas.

The result is to IMPROVE your own innovation culture, mindsets, perspectives, and ways of working, think out of the box, to go out of your comfort zone. Our Innovation safaris are about finding inspiration in unexpected places.

Over the past few years, we’ve visited Accra, Ghana, Washingtons' US Chamber of commerce to name a few. Our excursions help you discover connections for their businesses and seemingly out-of-reach people, products, and services.

The excursions provide an immersive learning experience where designers, social workers, academics, entrepreneurs, researchers, and practitioners from around the world work together to problem-solve real-life social issues. The iventure Innovation Safari is a methodology for developing our collective problem-solving capabilities and skills. Imagine joining an interdisciplinary dream team, and discovering new ways to prompt social change!

An important pillar of the Safari is the process of design thinking which draws on methods from engineering and design and combines them with ideas from the arts, theories from the social sciences, and insights from the business world. The focus is not on solving problems from the outside, but on understanding who is involved, what the problem is, and how to facilitate the co-design of new possibilities and unexpected solutions. Solutions that enable sustainable social change.

We believe that change doesn't come from outside by reading a news feed.

We believe that the next great invention is inside you and your organization. We help you to germinate it exposing you to unexpected places, people, and conversations.

We prepare the safaris with great attention to detail to help you to deliver a unique experience to you and potentially to other members of your company/industry:

  • -Senior executives who want to spot the innovation strengths of the city
  • -Customers with whom you want to break the routine or co-innovate
  • -Investors which want to spot key startups
  • -Employees which are required to change their short term focus for a mid-long-term perspective of one day