iventure Hubs Without Walls

African youth-led Startups disproportionately face the challenges of high startup costs, difficulty in legally launching a business, poor business efficiency, few networking opportunities, little knowledge exchange, and lack of revenue to mention but a few.

The problem is exacerbated by expensive membership fees to gain access to the entrepreneur support hubs and associations.

The venture Hubs without walls Objectives
   1) To scale-up awareness about the opportunities that innovation hubs offer to youth through entrepreneurial and future fit / digital skilling.
    2) Establishing community-based innovation HUBs in 8 locations namely

Specific Objectives:

      1) To identify the students, organizations, and institutions through which the innovation hub initiatives can be mainstreamed
      2) To identify cost-effective methods of mainstreaming innovation HUB initiatives in the communities.
      3) To organize regional startup business coaching mentoring and judging completions annually for the HUBs without walls.
      4) To scale-up awareness of the impact of technology and innovation on the economy.
      6) To increase entrepreneur hub participatory membership and raise awareness about the opportunities at HUBS.
      7) To create a regional HUB portal where young people can engage in HUB resources 247.